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Tashfeen Malik spent many of her formative years living in Saudi Arabia. She went to high school at the Pakistan International School in Riyadh, where she took premedical classes. Pakistani children in Jidda, Saudi Arabia, head to the mosque for evening prayers. The more than 2 million Pakistanis in the Persian Gulf kingdom are part of a large but often isolated guest worker community. Many Pakistanis live in the Sulamaniya area of Riyadh, not far from where Tashfeen Malik lived during her high school years. Men work at a fruit market in the Pakistani neighborhood of Aziziya in Jedda, Saudi Arabia, where Tashfeen Malik spent many of her formative years.

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This is just one of quite a few major steps that the African airline has taken in recent years. The airline started operations in and is the flag carrier of Ethiopia. In Novemberthe airline took delivery of their first Boeing and they currently operate a fleet of five of the wide bodied aircraft. ing the Star Alliance is just one step in Ethiopian Airlines becoming more of a global player.

It is in line with our efforts to lay a strong foundation for the airline to achieve its vision objectives. If you like the airline, do not waste your time just buying a model. They are actually selling three Boeing ERs via their website right now.

Talk about a great gift for the holidays! Want a bit more? My friend and NYCAviation.

There are a few more story lines that I hope to go into a bit more detail over the next few days, but for now…. Photo by Boeing. Computer generated by Boeing. Thanks to Robert for pointing this out.

Photo by AirlineReporter. Passengers want to minimize their overall travel time. This is one more step in that direction. David Morgan, chief pilot for Air New Zealand. Its first stop was in Beijing, China with different stops with-in China from December 4th to 11th. We want to thank them for their role in making today possible. On the 11th, ZA flew over to Africa and became the first time a has landed in that continent. From the 11th to the 14th, the hung out in Nairobi and allowed Ethiopian Airline employees the chance to see the new aircraft they should be taking delivery of soon.

At this point, Boeing has not announced future destinations, but I would imagine that ZA will continue to head west. Graphic showing the record breaking Boeing Dreamliner flight. Image is from GE. Click for larger.

This record had ly been held by the Airbus A based on a 9, nmi 16, km flight in The airplane landed at a. There was no around-the-world speed record for this weight class. JAL's first Boeing rolls out of the paint hangar in new livery. This is the new livery that JAL first premiered on one of their Boeing s back in March and was shown off in drawings in January JAL already had multiple Dreamliners painted in their older livery at Paine Field and it was assumed that they would be re-painted in the new livery before delivery.

I have seen the livery in person a few times now on s and s and I have to say I am still not a huge fan of it.

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Although it does look better on the vs the other aircraft I have seen. Flying to Tokyo, Japan to experience the first flight of the Boeing Dreamliner was only part of the trip. This time I was delighted to be able to experience the fascinating city of Tokyo. The quick answer is that Tokyo is back to normal operations and are welcoming tourists with open arms.

The conversation…

Tourism was hit hard after the Tsunami. I thought that I might feel a little guilty when visiting and having fun, due to the tsunami, but quite the contrary; the city and the country make it very clear that it is safe to return to Japan and there are some pretty amazing deals going on right now. The Takeshita area of Tokyo is for trendy younger folks with some very interesting stores.

Not my cup of tea, but interesting to check out none-the-less. There is enough English spoken throughout the city to make your way around, but having a smart phone with a GPS map would be very helpful. Historically Narita handles international flights and Haneda operates the domestic travel, but recently that has changed. Typically you will find Haneda is more expensive, but it is located much closer to downtown.

This was one of the many "dark" alleys in Tokyo. However, even walking around by myself at night, I never felt unsafe or unwelcome. It is a big city, but many people do not have cars and live in small apartments or houses. This means that there are stores for everything. You will also find deer shops selling Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci and the like. It took me a bit to realize that not only do the Japanese drive on the left side of the road, but they also walk to the left of other people.

Even after realizing my mistake, it took me a while to get the hang of walking on the left and by the time I did, I was heading back to the US and started running into people again.

This is not a huge deal, but having a he-up can help avoid confusion and possible head-on collisions. Robataya Restaurant in downtown Tokyo there is also one in New York was one of the most amazing meal experiences I have ever had. Great interaction with the Chefs and others that are eating.

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It seems that so many people have a pride in their jobs that you just do not see in the US. From people sweeping up trash to those driving buses, everyone I encountered was nice, professional and clean. For example, in the six story paper store I mentioned earlier there was a woman there whose job was to help people line up for the elevator. It was very refreshing to see this level of service almost everywhere I went. Tipping in Japan is seen as a negative thing — almost an insult.

Not that I do not mind tipping in the US for good service, but it just seems to be that many times you get sub-par service AND are still expected to tip in the US. Having people treat you with respect and doing their job just makes the experience that much better.

Could you imagine vending machines like this in the middle of a busy downtown train station in the US without being damaged or having big bars on them?

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It is a very different world in Tokyo. Could you imagine cloth seats in the US? Another thing I noticed were vending machines located almost everywhere around the city. Public transportation is very clean and safe.

It could be a bit challenging figuring out exactly what train to take while at a station, so probably good to plan ahead either on your own or ask your hotel before heading out. One of the entrances to the Imperial Palace Plaza, which is a large park in the middle of downtown Tokyo and right across from the Peninsula Hotel where I was staying.

Not only are there a lot of open park grounds, but this is also where the Imperial Palace is located. Even from my hotel room, overlooking the park, I was only able to see the roof. Down on the ground, there are a few things to view, but not the actual palace and security is pretty tight. Do not worry — there is not a pandemic.

San bernardino shooter was a pakistani who became known as a ‘saudi girl’

People who are getting sick wear the face masks so that they do not infect others. It can be a little off-setting at first, but with a dense population in Japan, this is done to cut down on the spread of disease. It makes sense and it is too bad that more people around the globe do not do this. The Peninsula Hotel, where I stayed, which is a five star hotel located right in downtown Tokyo. Since getting into travel writing, I have been fortunate to experience quite a few first class hotels and this hotel has been one of the best to date.

However, recently my opinions and thoughts about hotel rooms have changed. As I began to explore paying a bit more for nicer hotels and then even a bit more for a better room, I have begun to really appreciate how much a hotel can be a part of your travel experience. Not only are we talking about the quality of sleep you can get I had my best jet-lagged sleep at the Peninsula to datebut the time you spend in your room.

It makes one feel like the king of the world and certainly adds an enhanced dimension to your travels.

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Luckily I had much free time during my visit and it was easy to leave the hotel and be a short walk from the shopping and important tourist destinations without needing to use transportation. But when I did leave for other parts of the city, it was an easy two block walk to the subway to hitch a ride. For a Seattlite, that means shorts. Most local citizens, even on the weekends, had suits on and were dressed nicely and for some reason to me, it just did not seem right to wear shorts. However, I did wear jeans — I mean I have to have some limits here.

Tokyo is a HUGE city.

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From every angle, the city just kept going and going. This is the view towards the Tokyo Tower. There is something about the people, the culture and the country that is very alluring and welcoming. I am hoping to visit this summer to explore more of Japan outside of Tokyo.

The town and country are ready for tourists and if you have been meaning to make your way over to Japan, the timing could not be better. Outside the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. Posts Newer 1 … … Older.