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This exhibit showcases the work of self-taught African American artists who examine the intersections of spirituality and material culture. Guided by a compulsion, in some cases even what might be seen as a divine calling, to create, they produced paintings, sculpture, and utilitarian objects that are startlingly powerful in both their aesthetic forms and the life force they channel.

Guided gallery tours by Michael D. Hill will be held throughout the month. For more information, please contact Bryan Wilkerson at x or by at wilkersonbs roanestate. Statement about the exhibit The Arts Council open show features a wide array of work from regional artists. The role of the Color Guard is to reignite the spirit of the disheartened; similarly, both artists seek to find new meaning for that which has gone unnoticed by deconstructing and recomposing pre-existing symbols and materials. Like the Color Guard, these works blend in and stand out, resist and conform.

Failure is unacceptable, and perfection is unattainable, yet they continue to march on. March 31st- April 14th For more information visit his website at johnbissonette. Statement about the exhibit These pictures come from a range of sources. Some are invented and purely non-objective, some are sourced from the web, and others are amalgamations of abstraction and found imagery.

Individually, they all have specific characteristics and identities- each one drawing from the history of abstraction as well as contemporary references. Viewed as a whole, they are indicative of a fractured and distracted experience of sensory input- my own painterly equivalent of tabbed browsing. These paintings flaunt the traces of multiple histories with a collage-like application of elements.

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The stops and starts, overlap, and shifts in structure present in this work are evidence of a process that embraces disruption and contradiction. Their surfaces require one to look through elements to see the entirety of the work. Perception of one element is interrupted as a condition of viewing another. While not explicitly evident in their appearance, these works are profoundly influenced by the abundance and infinite availability of images and information that characterizes this moment in culture.

Mirroring the constant stream of images that passes across our many screens, these works shift appearances often as they are obscured, multiplied, distorted, and abstracted.

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All the while, they retain traces of their many histories through tactile process and collective memory. For more information visit her website at www.

Our first edition includes poems, stories, artwork, videos, and songs that were created by RSCC students, faculty, and staff. The RaScal can be viewed online at www.

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The site also gives viewers the option to download a print copy of the entire first edition. Please us in congratulating these talented artists! Bid on prints and artwork at www. Harold Winslow an African American born in Dayton Ohio in but became frustrated with climate in our country to develop as an artist. His work include watercolors, illustrations, murals and sculpture. Winslow became a Mexican citizen in and continue his art work and put on exhibitions until his death in Now the Winslow Foundation has selected a sampling of his work to recognize his achievements and to share with others.

April 12th - April 26th March 5th - March 22nd The prints will be available through an auction that will support the literary Journal. Art Club. There will be a bake sale at the end of the month to raise money for S.

The artwork depicts various stages of Mexican history as seen from the point of view of the artists.

The pieces include technical descriptions and brief commentaries on the historical ificance of each work. TnCIS is dedicated to making international education and cultural understanding a central goal of higher education in Tennessee. The organization offers study abroad opportunities to college students throughout Tennessee.

The academic programs scheduled for this summer include study in 15 different countries. Memories are constructions. We must actively facilitate the creation and storage of our memories. The correlation between the construction of a memory and the construction of a photograph is the jumping off point for my artistic intentions. I am fascinated by the connection between the photograph and history. My work redefines the relationship between the two by using multiple exposures to fuse images together similar to the creation of a diorama.

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When I combine images I re-contextualize the original location, subject, and time of a photograph. My creative process is focused on the collapse of separate photographic histories into a collective history. A completed image no longer belongs to any specific time or place. This separation of an image from a linear timeline completes the transition from reality into a mindscape.

Familiar imagery is used in my work to open a line of communication between an individual's unique catalog of human experience and my photographic world. The narrative content of my images is formulated to interact with a viewer's memory and engage their personal understanding of the content. Natural and man made spaces are combined to create environments in which familiar forms of humans and objects interact. The people in my work are archetypal representations of the figure not meant to refer to any specific person.

The use of false perspective functions as a reminder this is not reality. Wires and light streams represent the flow of information through the mind. Elements such as doors and hallways reference possible pathways of movement. Depending upon the specific image, textural layers reference things such as nerve fibers, particulate matter in the brain, or alternative process photography. There is no universally agreed upon model of how the brain or memory works. Each mindscape is a small piece of a much larger puzzle.

These scenes have been illuminated while exploring the secret caverns and forgotten spaces of the mind. Sometimes there is a dead end and only a clue remains. This is an aesthetic voyage into the mind suspended in non-time.

January 10th - February 10th He also studied art at several universities. After teaching at the high school level for four years, he owned and operated an art gallery in Los Angeles.

Teaching opportunities brought him to Tennessee where he taught for twenty one years. InNiewoehner retired from teaching which allowed him to concentrate on his first love, oil painting, an activity at which he is working full time. Although working with a of genres, it has been the subject of music which has dominated the bulk of his body of work.

Niewoehner lives on a small farm in Dickson, TN where he maintains his studio. He has a daughter who lives in Nashville and is a teacher with Metro schools. October 20th -November 26th. In December of her family moved to Tennessee, and Hartman was deeply impacted by the atmosphere, weather, and constantly changing skies in her new home.

Her work has been featured in shows throughout the country. Her work has been written about by Dr. Hartman lives and works in Knoxville, Tennessee. August 26th -September 26th Reception Thursday August 26th at pm. January 15th-February 18th. Artist Statement: "My work is a humble investigation of truth. I believe that the truth of songbirds, heartache, neutron bullets, parched earth, ecstasy, love, and abandoned buildings are all the same.

There are as many paths to truth as there are animals, vegetables, and minerals. My work is the physical record of my own exploration of truth. I think of myself as an anthropologist of my own experiences and a distiller of my own reality, discovering and processing my emotions and observations through my own viscera. My art flows from there into the physical objects I make.

The current work is comprised of sculpture, installation, and vessels. Pieces are based on abstractions of the human form, machine parts, landscapes, emotions, algebra and bones. Right now my own explorations focus on the abilities of simple spacial relationships and nuanced surfaces to resonate within the human spirit and reveal themselves over time.